AnandTech: Sun?s T2000 ?Coolthreads? Server: First Impressions and Experiences

AnandTech: Sun?s T2000 ?Coolthreads? Server: First Impressions and Experiences

An interesting article regarding the T2000 from Sun running Solaris 10. (This CPU is an 8 core 32 thread processor that consumes ~ 72W). This machine even with a 1GHz CPU is still capable of keeping up (or near) to a quad core opteron server. Some other issues that people in data centres might not care about that were not mentioned (but i do) are the noise levels generated by this machine. Seeing as the base model is only $5000 AUD, it is rather tempting to get one of these to act as file, web etal (JOAT server [jack of all trades]) especially considering the capabilities of zoning in Solaris.

It is nice to see that Sun are not oblivious to the flaws in this CPU however (light FPU usage 1.5-3.0%) in its current incarnation can somewhat cripple its performance, to remedy this rather than one FPU per CPU, Sun look to be incorporating one FPU unit per core.

I would like to have a play with one of these for a month or so – I am most interested to see how this machine would perform as *AMP server (*=OS, Apache, MySQL and PHP) combined with file server and firewall (allow, limit and monitor the flatmate’s internet connetion) seems to be a sweet solution. If anyone from Sun is here please let me know if I can have one for a month ;).

From a work perspective, I would love to see how one of these would handle enterprise java applications especially when loaded with ram and many simultaneous connections, this would truly be enlightning.

If you are from Sun and happen to stumble upon this, please let me know, if you have one of these and are prepared to set up a Zone that is locked down to allow me to experiment, I would be most grateful!


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  1. B-U-G-G-A dot NET » Blog Archive » The pace of technology Says:

    […] After penning this article I realised that it was nearly 10 years ago that I first discussed with fellow students the posibility and the rumors that Sun were investigating placing multiple chips into a single die, and that we now have this technology. It seems like there is some significant lag between things that are thought up or spoken of and they are implemented. What is the relevance of this you may ask yourself? – Simple – some of the more amazing, radical or off the wall ideas that people are coming up with have the potential to be implemented in real life down the track, providing of course there are people who believe it can be done and work towards it. Mad props to Sun’s engineers for this one! […]

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