pzizz? is a personal life coaching system, energy and stress, health and fitness, hypnosis, NLP, uk

pzizz? is a personal life coaching system, energy and stress, health
and fitness, hypnosis, NLP, uk

Pzizz is an interesting piece of software that you can use to help get you into a relaxed state for an energizing sleep or deep relaxing sleep. I am currently trialing it. (Available for both Windows and Mac OS X)

Night 1: 21 June 2006 – To bed at 10:00pm
Set up a custom one hour period for this trial. I found I was spending way too much time wondering about the volume, and paying attention to the voice. After about 20-30 minutes I let go and ended up having a very good nights sleep up until 6:30am or so. Need to get volume correct, might try a voiceless setting tomorrow and see how it goes.

Night 2: To Bed at 9:57pm

Set up another custom Nap, an hour long sleep, with no voice over and the aural stereo option. Took a while to get to sleep, but woke up rested, no memories of any dreams to speak of either. I think next time I might try one of the default options.

Night 3: To Bed at 11:17

Used the “sleep nap” to generate the nap used for this night. The voice still bothers me, but not as much as it first did, perhaps they need a woman with a sexy voice option for the naps, I think I’d like that a little better ;), its kinda creepy having a guy speak every now and then when you are trying to relax. Was very useful today to help put the somewhat stressful day behind me and get on with sleeping.

Night 4: to bed at 11:54

Used an hour long custom nap (sleep) with the voice disabled. I think this is my preferred nap now, it is rather relaxing and helps me to let go of the thoughts and pressures of the day (both external in self created/imposed) and get on with a relaxing sleep. Its getting easier to fall asleep with this piece of software presently and I nodded off rather quickly.

Night 5: to bed at 9:14

Used my favourite thus far the custom nap (sleep) with voice disabled. This is great at? helping unwind at the end of the day. I must admit that I went to bed with a well over active mind that ordinarily would make it very hard to get a good nights sleep, with this nap on, I was out of it in 15-30 minutes (i guess – hard to tell when you’re sleeping) and woke up very refreshed at 6:10.

Based on my experiences over the past 5 days, I’d highly recommend anyone thinking of looking at something to aid in sleep (whilst avoiding chemical based solutions) to have a good hard look at pzizz!


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