Audi S3 – MY00

Anyone looking for a decent second hand car should not go past the Audi S3. This car was released in Australia and the UK in right hand drive and in left hand guise for Europe, unfortunatly for any americans out there – this car was not sold in the US.

What is it?

Its a “sporty” version of the A3 series, with some serious grunt.
It has a similar sized 1.8L Turbo charged engine as found in the A3-1.8T, but rather than the 110kW at the fly found in that engine it outputs 154kW at the flywheel stock. This translates to 122.7kW or so on the ground which is delivered via the haldex based quattro system for some serious grip.

Internal features include Leather/Alacantra, Climate, Sunroof and BOSE sound system which make driving this car a pleasure both when your pants are on fire as well as getting out and about the town in a more sedate fasion.

Features include – Xenon low beam headlights, cruise control and 17″ Alloy’s as standard.

All in all this is a lot of car with a lot of go – it does not attract the attention of the boys in blue and its styling is very very subtle.

And today you can pick up one of the 400 or so that landed in Australia for between 30,000 and 40,000. You will want to make sure that the timing belt has been replaced (800-1400) on time and probably want to get it on the VAG-COM to ensure that the MAF and 02 sensors are happy with life (500ea) you will also want to make sure that it does not have a boost leak (grrr).

Here are some pictures (pics) of my MY00 (June 2000 build, Nov reg) S3.

Side shot of S3
Front Left Hand Side
<img src=
Interior shot
Front View
Another front shot
Side shot next to a passat

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