Fog lights – When and how to use them

Fronts – These should be angled down toward the road so that they illuminate the surface of the road and do not reflect into your face/eyes when driving in fog. They do add to the useful visability of a car in all weather and can be used when ever you feel like it.

Rears – These should ONLY be used when it is foggy and only for as long as there is fog present. The reason that I get infront of you and flick mine on and off is to tell you to turn your’s of you stupid moron. The same reason I gesticulate at you and try and communicate with you. They are a bloody hazard when used when there is no fog.

Why are rear fogs a hazard when it is not foggy – they are bright, bright things attract the human eye, it takes much concious effort to ignore this extra light source beaming in our eyes as humans causing increased levels of tiredness and delayed reactions for those behind you. It also looks like your brake lights are on constantly meaning that when you do brake it is not always easy to tell that you have started to slow.

I will give you one polite request for you to cease using your fogs verbally, one impolite should I see you again, on the third time I see you I will follow you home and remove your fog lamp with any object I can think of – probably my tyre iron – please do not take offense to this I am merely trying to help others on the road you can too ONLY USE YOUR REAR FOGS WHEN IT IS FOGGY – THE REST OF THE TIME MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE OFF!!!!!!

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