Why my S3 hates me

I don’t actually know why my S3 hates me, but it must for it has decided that it shall not have the following items work for me

  • Sunroof – Partially works, sounds like a “cable” or worm gear or the like is slipping
  • Left front speaker – Crackles – probably blown >< , grrr
  • One line in the MF Display in the dash has gone blank
  • windscreen is now cracked thanks to a stone chip – its small, not growing and not in the drivers vision which I suppose is good

I have to admit I am finding it frustrating, especially with the whole running of a car in addition to repairs its getting very frustrating. Its a bit of a money sink. I am having issues working out where it goes without me – I live 12kms from work which means 25 per day or approx 125/week – I am doing between 400 and 500 km a week, *eeek*.

I am certainly glad for sites like this one though Celica GT4 vs Honda Integra Type R showing that everything is not serious in this world.

Do I regret the S3 based on the issues I have and am having with it – HELL NO, I am however regretting that I dont have billionaires for parents – I really should have thought more about that one 😉


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