Setting up wordpress on OS X Tiger (10.4)

Oh what fun and joy it was, but the site has now been successfully migrated from the old G3-300 to a shiny Mac Mini (1.42 w/ 1GB RAM) running Mac OS X 10.4

Some things that may help people who follow me in setting something like this up:

1) Migrating databases is icky. But there is lots of information out there on how to accomplish the backup and restore of a My SQL DB.
2) Passwords and MySQL permissions break, and break nastily.
3) PHP as shipped with OS X + MySQL 4.1 have some issues – to get around this open up a mysql terminal as the DB Admin and run:

grant all privileges on *.* to 'wp_user'@'localhost'
identified by '$PASSWORD';

flush privileges;

SET PASSWORD for 'wp-user'@'localhost' OLD_PASSWORD('$PASSWORD');

This ended up solving the issues I was having at the time.


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