Sony PSP – A quick play

Sony have released the PSP in Australia, and i have recently had opportunity to play with one recently, I thought I would post a quick summary of my thoughts on it here.

Unit: Surprisingly larger than expected and quite a bit heavier also.

Screen: Amazingly vibrant, detailed and so easy to view, it is the singularly best aspect of the unit.

Speed: Loading times were somewhat laggy (similar to a PS2 really) in the game that I was able to use in it (V8 Supercars 2) but once loaded it was easy to play. In a turnabout for Playstation games I found the analouge controller more difficult to use, as it is very difficult to hold the unit comfortably and ergonomnically and use the controller (not to mention the pad did a better job of controling the vehicle).

Graphics: For everything but games excellent, especially MPEG4 video, but games themselves are not looking as good as one might expect for such a new device, but somehow are extremely impressive at the same time. V8 Supercars looks about as good as any racing game on the PS2 but having been spoiled with an X800 Pro (World of Warcraft) in my machine and a 7800 GTX (GTR Racing Simulator) in my mates machine they look decidedly crap.

Price: $400 AUD, expensive for what it is – an entertainment system for use on the bus, in the office or by spoiled brats who will be bought it by their foolish parents.

Comments: The artificial restriction of the UMD’s that hold the games and Video content on these systems to regions as found on DVD’s is pure profiteering that will NOT benefit any consumer but will certainly line the pockets of Sony and their distributors. Trying to pass of these schemes as beneficial to users is as fallacious as record execs saying that apple not allowing variable pricing in the iTunes music store is hurting consumers and artists. I call bullshit, bigtime – the ONLY people who benefit from these anti consumer SCAMS are the record companies, movie studios and distributors who can artificially create markets and prevent competition to allow prices fall. Personally I would be happy to see the ACCC ban devices/schemes like this that segment the market in this way so that as is my legal right as an Australian I can purchase a UMD, DVD or anything else from any country in the world and use it on my australian purchased system. For this reason, I ask that you all boycott the PSP and its media.


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