Cha-Chi’s – Mexican Resturant

Cha-Chi’s found at 203 Glen Osmond Road.

1x All you can eat @ 14 (Nacho’s, Burritos (Chicken and Shredded Beef) and Taco’s (Chicken and Shredded Beef))
1x Corona @ 7.5
3x Coke @ 3ea – 9 total
1x Holbah @ 7.5
1x Fried Apple Burrito @ 7.5

Serves a variety of Mexican foods and has a mexican theme. Wait staff are friendly and helpful if a little hard to find when you want or need them.

Menu prices for non special items look very expensive (my favourite was $32.50 (Fajhitas)).

The mains were a little uninspiring – the Nacho’s were nothing like the hot delight that they are in pubs, the taco’s and burritos were not all that nice relative to home made ones but the combination of the three is very filling.

The deserts were VERY nice and presented excellently, but the oil used to fry the burrito and the chocolate nachos (jake had this) left an unusual and not very nice aftertaste to the meal.

Overall I feel that the contribution of fiddy to the pot would have gone a lot further for a lot better at other resturants, I’d rate this a pass unless you are a cheap uni bum.


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