Toyo TPG 225/45R17 94Y

Due to a shipping mix up with the South Australian wholesaler, bald tyres and a delay of 3 weeks to get what I actually wanted (Toyo T1R’s) I ended up with some TPG’s on my S3. And now after 2500km’s of use it is time for a small review.

Sidewalls: Nice and stiff – sure it may harshen up the ride a little, but they don’t flex and wobble over mid corner bumps keeping the car nice and balanced and it is siginifcantly easy to unconciously travel 5-10km faster through corners on a lazy country drive.

Grip – Wet: Straight line, I would be avoiding as much standing water as possible, they kick up a huge amount of spray and the pattern does not shed the water away from the entirety of the tyre as well as one would hope and expect.

Grip – Dry: Holy a moley very sticky, very nice.

Lateral Movement: The tyres do seem to prevoke more understeer than the dodgy Khumo’s that were on before, but I am undetermined as to weather this is because of higher entry speeds or something else. This is really only noticeable on damp or wet roads, dry roads they seem to stick very well.

Wear: Way to hard to call, due to D.E.C.A. and the setup of the S3, I’ll just be happy if I can get 20k km from them as the front on the S3 seems to munch the inside due to camber/toe in default setups.

Road Noise: This is hard to write about as this is so subjective and is affected by road type, road moistness, temperature etal. I would have to say on smooth roads these things are almost silent, on rubbly big stoned roads very very very noisy and boomy.

Rolling resistance: The car she a drive. I no push to determine this a value. (Say in da italiana accent)

Overall they are not really what I wanted and I will definatly be looking at the T1R’s (or their replacements) next tyre change as they seem to have a better compound and tread design for getting rid of water from what I read and are definatly worth the $30 extra per corner.


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