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I call bullshit.

To even suggest that IT industry has the worst dressed people is just silly.

Go to any building site. See any trucker and most couriers. These people dress (generally speaking) far worse than any slackly dressed help desker.

This is merely an attempt to try and get people who are reasonably cashed up to fork over their hard earned income to become obsessed with brand names and fasion crap.

Sure its not difficult to dress neatly and some IT people definatly need to think twice about what they shove on in the mornings, but to suggest the worst dressed as an industry is just a cheap and nasty attempt at headline grabbing. Unfortunatly one that seemed to work.


EDIT: While I certainly don’t advocate looking like this onsite – for a contractor who works from home and deals with no-one this might be ok, but shoes damnnit! (One of my mates who linked to me complained about lack of piccies, so here is one :P) (Note: 15 March 2014 – removing links to now defunct albums page)

EDIT2: Greetings to the folks from slashdot. Seem’s my mate Jim (see his blog link over there on the right—>) linked to my mini rant in a post. Hope you like what you see here!

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