iMate SP3i – Firmware Update

iMate have released an updated version of the firmware for users of the iMate SP3i, enhancements include

  • Windows Media Player 10
  • Updated T9 functionality
  • New java
  • Updated build of WM2003SE
  • Bluetooth Enhancements
  • Call quality and other radio enhancements
  • Ringtone functionality updates (MP3 support)
  • So go get Operating System,, from imate . Lets hope it fixes the hang on removal of the sync cable.

    Good news it seems to fix the hang I was experiencing 90% of the time when I removed the sync + charge cable from the phone. (Only seemed to present an issue when connected to a PC – a powered hub or the wall pack did not have the same odd behavior.)


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    1. vlado Says:

      how are you finding the phone upgrade has it improved the phone at all? I think I will look at getting a o2 one myself next time.

    2. malliemcg Says:

      It seems to be a bit better behaved, although it still feels the same. The annoying bugs (freeze on remove from PC) seems to be gone, which is a good thing.

      If I had to get another phone, I would probably try the O2 version of – I am not a fan of iMates support, to put it mildly, for after service support they SUCK.


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