Coke Zero – Where does it rank on flavour and as a mixer?

Coke Zero – is cokes new diet drink on the market. It has some interesting things going for it – first the most important fact of all – it still contains caffiene, which was my biggest worry when I first heard about it.

Flavour: Coke Zero when it first hits your mouth tastes like coke and does so until you have swallowed the only sensation that may lead you to think that something is different is that it is more bubbly than normal “fat coke” as I am now calling it, these bubbles are finer – between champagne and kilkenny from a pub sort of bubbles. Once you have swallowed there is a slight hint of diet coke after taste, which dissipates fairly quickly. — Overall a win for the Zero over diet. This Zero is shaping up to be a hero!
Mixer: This is where coke zero shines – you can imbibe your cheap spirits without fear of funny flavours and weird effects to your body chemistry that diet coke was prone to. Not only that it is VERY VERY hard to distinguish Coke Zero from Fat Coke when mixed with bourbon (used for testing purposes only).

I have to say that coke zero is definatly a winner of a drink, and will soon be making a permanant residency in my fridge!


Please drink responsibly if you are going to be drinking alcohol! This article is not affiliated with Coca Cola Ammitil and based off my own opinons and experiences.

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