Warning, potential scam – via missed call.

I recently recieved a missed call on my mobile phone (iMate SP3i) from 0395405101 or (03) 9540 5101. As I had recently started a new job interstate, I returned this unexpected phone call and recieved an automated answering service that started off explining that this was run by some Marketing or Market Research company and that I had won a prize $40 or greater, I hung up at this point (26 seconds).

Tonight (24-48 hours after the initial call) I spoke to several other people about this phone call and of the 4 people having dinner (Tudo Vietnameese in Canberra, VERY nice for reference) and all of them had also recieved missed calls from this number (none had called it back) three were able to verify via the call logs that this was the exact same number we came to the conclusion that this was likely a scam – designed to get you to accept a premium rate line call (via press a number to continue this call and accept phone charges) or a method to get you to release your personal information (address to send prize too, confirm name and birthday etal).

My advice is that if you have a missed call from this number and you google it before returning it, that you do not call it, I believe that you risk much more than you may gain. If you did call this number and went beyond my meagre 26 seconds, please create an account and leave a message, I would really be interested what happens beyond the initial greeting message.

Edit (18 June 2006)

An updated number range is as follows

  • 02 8219 0500
  • 02 8303 8320
  • 03 8102 9565
  • 03 8558 0556
  • 03 8558 1441
  • 03 8558 1442
  • 03 8558 1443
  • 03 8558 1444
  • 03 8558 1445
  • 03 8558 1446
  • 03 8558 1447
  • 03 9540 2950
  • 03 9540 5101
  • 03 9540 5189
  • 03 9645 2474

There is an email running around with the text “Apparently it’s all part of a massive scam where they ring you up and hang up straight away, then when you ring back they promise you a prize and try to keep you on the line at $2.50/min by feeding you information about this wonderfull prize.” which while close is not accurate. You will only be billed at the standard phone call rate for numbers in the range/area (ie: STD rates are the maximum you face), the goal of the “missed/prank” call is to get you to listen to the entire message and THEN call the premium rate number given in the message, as long as you don’t call the 1902 number you should be allright.

11 Responses to “Warning, potential scam – via missed call.”

  1. vlado Says:

    I never ring back people unless I know there number in my call logs. Also if they were going to give me a prize and they didn’t leave a message on my message bank it couldn’t have been that important. That is why you should use message bank dude!! I know its expensive but can help with avoiding scams like that.

  2. vlado Says:

    Here is another link about what it is all about:


  3. malliemcg Says:


    Also covers this in fair details.

    It appears that there are multiple numbers that these people are using, and they ask you as part of this missed call to dial a premium rate line to claim your prize. The prize is $40 worth of phone content (ring tones and the like) which once you have downloaded 10 items ($40 worth) you will end up paying $4 per week recieveing more of this type of content.

    Very nasty, but easy enough for the well informed to avoid. Send in the leg breakers!

  4. urchinmink Says:

    Eurgh. This happened to me today as well. It only rang for a split second, which made me suspicious enough to google it. So thanks for mentioning it on your site.

  5. Hans Says:

    Yea I just got the same number ring me just then and found this page from Google.

    Someone should try and find out who it is and work out a way to fuck them over.

  6. xFail Says:

    I just got rung by a similar number it rang for a second and hung up. The number was 0395405189 or (03) 9540 5189.

  7. hillbilly Says:

    My partner and i have both missed calls from 9540 5189 this week. Thankfully i found your advice before calling back.

  8. hsut77 Says:

    I have had this number call me last night. This is the second call of this sort in 6 months. The shady thing is that they call after 11pm so most of us 9 to 5 folk are in bed. I’m sure there is some sort of law prventing companies calling after a certin time. If only I could get the directors mob number!!!!

  9. havingfun Says:

    I had this scam missed call from 0395405189 at 13:30. I did not reply, luckily because I find out this place from google. xFail got the same phone call on March10th,2006. I am in wollongong, NSW.

  10. malliemcg Says:

    Just to note today I was pranked for the second time by this mob (number: 03 9540 5189) . I think that I should really investigate to see if there is anything that can be done to stop these scammers in their tracks.

  11. Bugga.NET » Blog Archive » Call then hang up - “Mobile Content Pack” Scam Says:

    […] Well it seems this scam is still running rife. Got a new number today that is not on my existing list I hope that these fools get shutdown. I did not get a mobile so that anyone could prank me, and try and con me into calling a 1902 line because I won a prize, just like everyone else with an active mobile. >< GRRRRR! […]

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