Denmark next in line to challenge Apple, DRM

As much as I may appear an Apple fanboy, and pro competetion I am in favour of this type of legislation being passed. I am still angry that nothing seems to have happened in Australia regarding region encoding on DVD’s which was deemed by the toothless tiger ACCC watchdog as anti competative and against our paralell import legislation.

Forcing companies to play nicely with DRM so that they cannot dictate the platforms on which the media is available can only be a good thing for consumers, although the best thing would be for DRM to be removed. The iTunes music store still needs a way for songs that become corrupted on during download to be redownloaded for free.


Apple’s problems in Europe look to be getting worse, not better. Following on the heels of France’s legislative push for DRM interoperability comes word that Denmark is thinking along the same lines. Reportedly, Maersk and the country’s largest telecommunications company, TDC, are speaking out in favor of such interoperability.

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