New Car – MY06 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI

On the 25th of February I got the keys 05 You need these to make it go .jpg to a new VW Golf 2.0 Turbo Diesel. I must really thank several people for helping making this all happen! Noel Wright from Stratton Finance for sorting out everything with finance and his tireless efforts and MASSIVE patience to help make this all happen. I must also thank Sam Stratten from McCarrolls Volkswagen for finding me a 2.0TDI with the spec I wanted that was available on such short notice. Without the help of these two people I would not have got my backside 02 rear shot.jpg into a Golf as quickly as I did post Audi S3 (Note: 15 March 2014 – removing links to now defunct albums page).

I must admit that after having this car for a little more than a week I am enjoying it immensly, and it seems to put its best face forward all the time 00 Putting the best face forward.jpg. The chassis dynamics are worlds above the (Note: 15 March 2014 – removing links to now defunct albums page) that I formerly owned, the 2.0 TDI is reflex silver 01 Side shot in driveway.jpg and has dead cow (leather) seats 03 you can just make out the cow.jpg which are heated. The seats are firm which I find makes for a better long distance drive than soft seats and are heated which has two benefits – nice and warm on cold mornings and on long journeys help ease back discomfort.

It has found a friend in the carpark at work (MkIV Black Golf 05 You need these to make it go .jpg ) and I have had very few quibbles with it. The only one worth mentioning is that the rear right passenger door seems to Q01 quibble door fit and finish.jpg have fit and finish about as well as a commodoore and I am not sure if if it is worth going back to the dealer over Q02 Left Rear door fit for quibble comparo.jpg when compared to the left – I’ll have to ask some other people when they see it in the flesh who have a more objective view of it all.

Driving a diesel is very different to a petrol car and it seems to use bugga all fuel regardless of foot positioning. The take off from the lights is excellent, but rolling accelleration and going up hills is where this car shines, it is all just effortless for it. The last fillup I was able to do 200km running about in Canberra followed by a trip to Sydney and back before the feed me light popped on at the trip distance of 814km, I ended up putting very slowly 51-53L in (right to the brim – dodgy high flow pump) at around 840km.

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