13.3-inch MacBooks on the way?

We’ve been operating under the assumption that Apple will call their new consumer line of laptops MacBook, as opposed to the pro line of MacBook Pro. Maybe we just spend too much time thinking about Apple’s naming schemes, and this probably doesn’t change anything.

These look seriously tempting and will be most temping if they can play WoW reasonably well.


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2 Responses to “13.3-inch MacBooks on the way?”

  1. vlado Says:

    If you goto the apple website you can get a nice little download called boot camp. This allows you to now install windows XP onto your mac. It basically sets up a dual boot loader where you can choose to boot into MAC OS or WXP. Then you’ll be able to play WOW easily on your MAC but in windows.

  2. malliemcg Says:

    WoW is available for mac, and intel mac’s natively.

    The issue I was referring to is the graphics card capability.

    Boot camp looks truly cool.

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