My own Dreaming/Dreamtime Story – Why gum trees don’t lose their leaves and tarantulas don’t exist in Australia.

I had my own dreamtime story the other night, I dreamt the following

A wise old man of the land was at a BBQ, enjoying a meal with friends and family, it was autumn time and the trees were dropping their leaves into the wind, which was blowing because it enjoyed tossing and turning the brightly coloured leaves every which way and that, the old man was tracking a particularly bright gold leaf with red trimming when he noticed a baby Koala being tormented by a big ol’ mean tarantula.

The wise old man pondered the scene with this poor little Koala being shaken a great deal by this mean tarantula while he was trying to back away from the chain like web into the relative saftey of the big ol’ gum tree. The old man pondered this scene for a moment or three and finally raised his head.

He said to the big ol’ gum tree’s “please stop dropping your leaves for a moment, the wind is playing with them too much and blowing feircely preventing the little Koala from reaching the safety of your branches”, the tree’s pondered this request for a moment and held their leaves tightly, the wind got bored and became little more than a gently puffing breeze, the baby Koala took the opportunity to crawl over to one of the safe branches in the big ol’ gum tree.
The Tarantula glared at the baby Koala with a menacing look apon his face, the baby Koala found strength from deep inside and grabbed onto the chain like web that the tarantula had placed on the branches of big ol’ gum tree and shook like he had never shaken anything in his life before, the tarantula so shocked by the sudden bravery of this baby Koala lost his grip on his web, the wind who now had something to play with, feircly grabbed the tarantula? and blew him across the other side of the ocean. The sudden ferocity of the wind forced the wise old man to collect his family and BBQ things and return to the saftey of his home, he forgot to tell the big ol’ gum tree that he could drop his leaves again.

The little Koala realising the diliemma this caused for the big ol’ gum tree began to eat his leaves to ensure that new ones could replace the old, keeping his covering of leaves fresh and beautiful, which is why today Gum tree’s don’t lose their leaves every autumn and Koala’s eat gum leaves, and a big wind blows occasionally to ensure that spiders cannot get too big to bother baby Koala’s again.

This is a true dream I had one night after an enjoyable bushwalk, it is a beautiful land that we are blessed with in Australia.

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