Penfolds – Organic – Clare Valley (Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz) – 2003

I was initially intruiged by the “Organic” that this wine proclaimed on its bottle, that I neglected to read the ingredients – specifically looking for mention of preservative 220, which unfortunatly this wine has. However after allowing it to breath for an hour or so, much of this evil smelling and foul tasting (not to mention breath stopping) additive had gone and the wine had opened up, allowing the earthy, flavours of this wine show through, along with an initial bite of pepperyness followed by a smooth finish once it has left the pallete.

Overall this is a drop that I would consider again, but probably pass, there are better drops out there and the organic proclamation on the bottle does not do enough for me to care – there will be over spray from surrounding vineyards, and besides with careful management, and small quantites of pesticide and fertilisers used, things can be managed acceptibly.


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