Call then hang up – “Mobile Content Pack” Scam

Well it seems this scam is still running rife. Got a new number today that is not on my existing list I hope that these fools get shutdown. I did not get a mobile so that anyone could prank me, and try and con me into calling a 1902 line because I won a prize, just like everyone else with an active mobile. >< GRRRRR!

The new number tonight is 03 8102 9563 ( 0381029563 or (03) 8102 9563)

Please note – the serious expenses do not start until you call the 1902 number, which you physically have to dial yourself.

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  1. jim Says:

    There seems to be a lot of that going about at the moment. I haven’t had one of these personally, but Triple J’s hack did a story on it a week or two ago. They pointed to which seems to be a good source of info on what’s going on with these calls.

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