the third week of Movember

Further to the first two movember articles I wrote, this is my third. It is for charity – my ID is 18640, I am a member of the team MOSOS.

Update #15 14 days growth: Well this is the end of the the day 14 November – I really realy really need the sides to link up or my Merv will become a Boonie!

Update #16 : This update has been intentionally left blank.

Update #17 Sleepy sleepy sleepy: The tired mo.

Update #18 Run into this in a dark alley: Its still progressing there is a slim chance that they will connect and the merv will be completed. And then, the world will be mine 😀

Update #19 Movember mo - shaved head: Shaved head, unshaved head!

Update #20 Movmeber boof head: Boof head! Not looking very friendly. The current weather in Canberra is well dodgy, I don’t recommend it at all!

Update #21 close up mo: Super ultra mega close up. Check out that schnoz!

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    […] Further to earlier series (parts) of Movember (2006) here is the fourth week – the home stretch as it were. […]

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