Pirramimma (White Label) – Shiraz – 2004 (McLaren Vale)

Phwoar, what a nose on this one rising from the deep deep purple wine are phenomenal heady aromas – primarily berry fruits like black currant? and dare I say raspberries complete with a hint of apple juice (think concentrated fruit drink just not as sweet) complete with fresh spices dominated by very subtle pepper tones, but no specific spice jumps out – perhaps a little corriander?

On to the mouth feel and taste – oh yeah – still probably a little young and in need of opening up a bit – but everything is there from a big bold Australian Shiraz? – plently of fruit flavours a nice chunk of pepper and perhaps a tiny bit too much oak. Mouth feel is very nice and my prediction is that this wine will open up in a few hours and be exceedingly pleasant to drink. There is nice integration here with everything flowing nicely from the initial hit on the tongue all the way to the end with a nice lingering more-ish-ness to it all.

This is the “White Label” do your self a favour and get into today! When I collected this one – I drank its big brother from 1997 and it had aged beautifully, this one is just as likely to age just as well.

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