Taylors – Cabernet Sauvignon (2004, Clare Valley – South Australia)

Woah – what a nose, ribena drink (Blackcurrents) right from the fore – sweet, inviting and appealing. Initial mouth feel – bitey herbaceous notes swamped suddenly by green peppery tannins that flow into an astringent finish. A definite Cab Sauv – its no Coonawarra this one – but stands up for its own. (It should be noted this has been written about 3 minutes after opening – expecting it to open up wonderfully over the next 30-90 minutes. Check this drop out!

I told you so! About an hour after the above was written, the wine had opened up very nicely and went down a treat – mellowing slightly, losing any stelvin taint but retaining a very big and full mouth feel. Its rather disappointing to see how quickly it disappeared ;).

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