Geeks and Wine?

Are you a geek? If so, would you consider yourself an oenophile (wine lover/wine fan)?

Having read? a blog post that suggests that geeks love to get the core of problems, to discover the key to “problems” or otherwise get to the heart of anything that they enjoy doing (games, puzzles etal). I’d have to say that when it comes to my wine, of late I have been getting into it to “work it all out” and understand whats going on. When I first got into wine, I just looked for ones I liked – starting w/ Shiraz’s and Cabernet Sauvignon’s.

Recently? however I’ve begun to explore the concept that perhaps there is more to wines than just the surface scratching I was doing initially – you could pretty much guarantee that I would ignore any white if there was a red about, now, I’m not so sure – I enjoy wines not only for the pleasure experienced drinking them (specifically w/ good people and good conversatoin) but for the deeper aspects related to them – the smells and tastes, I’ve begun picking apart wines and associating varietal based on the components that make up the smells and flavours, grouping varietals together in a “class” ie: Petit Verdot? lives up with the Cab Sauv’s and Shiraz’s in a different “class” to Pinot Noir, based on all these flavour and smell profiles. This has led to me *trying* pretty much any wine I come across – to build up a bigger experience library of such smells and flavours regardless of varietal or even colour. This is something that makes me pretty happy – and also brings to mind a realisation when it comes to wine – it’s beyond unlikely that you could get bored/work it all out! Give it a go though.

So – the point of todays post – of the Geeks out there who are oenophile’s I suspect this will be one hobby/experience that you won’t be able to tire of, because every vintage is different, there are many many places you can get wines from and all the things that go into making a wine – good luck working it all out and getting bored!

For non-geeks out there – you may not take pleasure in trying to work everything out – but try every wine you can get your hands on, read things about wines, but above all – don’t be swayed by other peoples opinions – only you can know what you like!

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