Kingston Estate – Merlot (2001)

Not expecting much – this is rather rather old for a Merlot, pulled the cork and a bit of a sharp smell permeated the near area for 30 seconds – almost vinegary. Poured into a glass – and getting schwags of black current on the nose and an interesting almost hint of wet lawn. Fair alcohol component.

Taste- a peppery bite, not much mid palate but tails off into degrading fruit. Definitely excessively old. There is a pretty good chance that I could be wrong – Merots are not my thing, but its interesting in and of itself to try, there is a chunk of alcohol in its flavour profile. Not really feeling it, but there are other notes to pay attention to – perhaps a little mint (pepper/spear combined) and some other things I can’t yet put my finger on. Try one of these when they are not quite so old.

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