Chatteau Quattre (1996) (Cahors)

From the Cahors region in France, this red drop is made up of

  • 79% Auxerrios
  • 13 % Merlot
  • 8% Tannat

From what I’ve been able to determine in the Cahors region Auxerrios would be known as Malbec in the rest of the world. No idea when its good to drink (or if its way past its best). Am expecting this to be “old world” in style and having raised my palate on new world Shiraz and Cab Sauv’s from the Barossa, McLaren Vale and Coonawarra in South Australia? not sure that my palate would be able to tell the difference.

Colour – Clear dusky red tending slightly to brown.

Nose – Very soft and subtle – I can pick the alcohol in it, but there are other scents there – having trouble separating them out. The cherries from a blackforest cake are there on a bed of forest floor, perhaps a little cold cooked cabbage?

Taste – Dusty tannins, a little sour – unsure if this is meaning the wine has gone bad or if it’s the way it’s supposed to be. I’m getting some uncooked cauliflower juice coming through. The sourness almost makes me think of vinegar, but its not throughout the profile from start to finish and the wine seems integrated with initial tastes flowing on to secondary, tertiary and then the finish, which is a bit short but the journey is smooth and flowing from one part to the next.

Not sure what to make of this wine.

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