Gavioli – Primativo (2004)

Hailing from Italy this primativo has an interesting colour – not particularly intense – somewhere near ruby in colour, with a dash of red delicious – you can see your fingers through it in a tilted glass.\

The nose has hints of dark berries, overlaid on a subtle forest floor with a new road running through it.

On the mouth the tannins and wood overpower this wine, but its relatively well integrated into a medium finish. I suspect that it will drink quite well with a little more time in the decanter.

Well some time (45 minutes) has now passed, and I have had dinner – the food has shifted my palate somewhat and the tannins and wood are not so overpowering, there is a little fruit, but that is on the initial hit, mid-late palate has a vegeital action going on, which then shifts through to a leather cigar case with the tannins rounding out the finish – to be honest I’d like them to be a bit stickier, but I am definitely enjoying this wine.

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