Customer service done right – Kingsleys

Kingsleys Crab and Steak House have recently made me very happy in the way that they have handled an issue I had with them, and it’s always nice to have a happy story to tell regarding customer service.

The not so nice:
I came in this morning to two marketing emails from Kingsleys (which I cannot read as the work firewall strips everything from them, so I still have no idea what the contents were). So I clicked the unsubscribe button to remove my email address from the list. About 30 minutes later I got another idential message.

Mood: Grumpy

The nice – I emailed the person on their website who looks after marketing and complained with the following text:

“Oi,I am not amused. I never agreed to be signed up to a newsletter, I unsubscribed from the newsletter and you keep sending them to me.

If it were not for your good steaks i’d never eat there again, I’ll not be giving you a legit phone number or email again – you’ll probably sell it to a call centre off shore and have them spam me about life insurance or something!



yes – it’s Monday and I’m grrrrrrrrrrumpy.”

I was personally responded too and had my name removed from the mailing list within 15 minutes. I had one more question regarding future potential orders and it was confirmed again within 15 minutes that if I entered my email address on the website for an online booking if I would be re-subscribed – it was confirmed that I would not be. Great news, I’ll be visiting Kingsley’s again and will probably book online! While I think they should have never emailed me in the first place at least their customer service was happy to help!

I’m rather happy that I don’t feel the need to boycott them any more too, as they’re a great place to eat!

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