Wirra Wirra – ‘Sparrows Lodge’ Tawny Port (NV)

Phwoar – this is a tasty Tawny. It’s got orange zezt combined with orange blossom honey as a primary flavour, with mocha and burnt toffee backing it up – these combine very nicely to form a full, mouth filling flavour that is not too intense. There seems to be a little fire/heat wilst in the mouth almost chilli like, but goes down the back of the throat smoothly, leaving a very nice feel in your mouth where the toffee and mocha come to the fore with a hint of sultana flavour.

I loved this one – so get yourselves down to the cellar door and grab this yummy fortified. (Don’t wait for the vintage fortified that is coming soon as I predict this will sell out – grab the Sparrows Lodge Cab Sauv too – as its fantastic).


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