Send CTRL-ALT-DEL through Remote Desktop

The wonderful fun and games that is remote desktop can often cause headaches, not the least of which is how to send a CTRL-ALT-DEL sequence to the remote host that your connecting to. The magic key sequence is CTRL-ALT-END – this will enable you to send the remote host a control alt delete key sequence. Further more if you connect to another remote host (ie: Desktop -> Remote Host 1 -> Remote Host 2) you can still send a control alt delete key sequence, host one will still be CTRL-ALT-END, host two’s will be CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-END.

CRTL-ALT-DEL : Desktop

CTRL-ALT-END : Remote Desktop (1)

CTRl-ALT-SHIFT-END : Remote Desktop (2)

If you’re connecting to a further remote desktop not sure what key-sequence that you’d need.

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  1. seanb Says:

    I usually send those kinds of commands to remote systems by ensuring that /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq is set to 1 and then echoing the command to /proc/sysrq-trigger 🙂

    Also, if you don’t have a serial console hooked up you can read the remote screen by reading /dev/vcs (or /dev/vcs1):
    fold /dev/vcs

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