Excellent Lamb Roast

This is how I like to cook my lamb roast.

Night before – cover roast in garlic and leave resting in the fridge – this will give ample time for more than just the immediate outside to get some flavour into it.

Day of cooking – add mint, rosemary or what ever other herbs you are liking to season it with.

Just before popping into the oven – salt the outside of the roast, try and stick to the fatty areas and avoid the meaty bits – as salt will dry out the meat you don’t want to put it on the non fatty bits or leave it too long.

Method (per kg)
Preheat oven to 220-250C
Place roast in said oven for 20-30 minutes (depending on size and shape) this is to seal the outside of the roast and keep the juices inside it.
After this time reduce the temperature to 160-180C (I like 170) and cook for 30 minutes per kg.

I like to leave my roasts in the fat for the flavour during cooking, I’m still perfecting adding the vegetable timings, but have had some success w/ 2kg roasts and lots of vegies @ the 1hour before mark. (Adding at temp reduction point).

Once cooked – remove vegies from pan and put back into the oven, cover roast with aluminium foil and leave to rest (10-15 minutes per KG) while you make the gravy etc.

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