Customer Service Open Comments – July 2010

It’s time for a customer service update – and I have two experiences to share this time, I’ll start with a positive.

Beiersdorf: Recently I had my Nivea for men shaving cream can malfunction from new. I let them know and they listened to my feedback, treated my concerns with respect and sorted the situation out to my satisfaction to the point where I don’t feel ripped off and have no problems using them again. 10/10

Pizza Hut: Not such a great experience to report here. Ordered some Pizza online, plugged in credit card details and waited. Driver rocks up and expects cash – call store and they expect cash. Spoke to the manager and said if the system does not print out a credit card receipt is a cash order. Wonderful system, domino’s on the other hand, you order toss in your credit card details and pizza arrives no muss no fuss. Seriously Pizza Hut if you want to make happy customers make this process work better. For now I’ll be using Domino’s for pizza delivery needs.

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