Cider (Homebrew) April 2014

I bottled a home brew cider on the 24th of April.

I grabbed one of the bottles and decided to taste, this is the result:


Colour is a fairly deep yellow/orange.

Nose is yeasty, herby and apply.

Taste hits with a nice sharp apple twang, progresses into a smooth taste, then the yeast dominates and comes to the fore. Then abruptly finishes.

Fizz is barely there (not surprising as bottle conditioning is still occurring.)

At this stage I’d rate it as just a cider. Better than many commercial mass produced ciders, not quite as interesting as some of the more boutique ciders available. The abrupt finish is surprising and perhaps slightly disappointing as I kind of expected it to linger a little longer.


Given this is only a week old it’s showing a lot better than expected. I look forward to revisiting this again (and again).

One Response to “Cider (Homebrew) April 2014”

  1. malliemcg Says:


    Tried after an additional 6 days. It looks like the bottle conditioning is mostly complete, reasonable amount of carbonation. The flavour profile is also completely different, there appears to be less apple coming though, definitely more funk (good funk, not bad). Better than commercial cider, and the abrupt finish has lengthened into a short-mid length finish. Pretty good progress.

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