MoSOS – 1 Week Later

Further to an earlier article posted on this site we have an update on the progress of the team MOSOS!

So here they are :

The ?MoSOS? team consists of:

18124 jon Jon “Scruffy” Walker (Capt) scruffy
18640 me Malcolm “boofhead” McGrath
21161 fred Fred “hey baby” Johnson
21447 nathan Nathan “what the” Reilly nathan huh
25259 darren Darren “come closer” Hitchman
25319 stewie Stewie “oooo lah lah” Reay stewie_ooo_la_la.jpg

Please remember this is for charity and your donations will help! To donate please go to, enter a Rego number which i shown next to the picture and your credit card details. All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. We are doing this as part of a team – you might also like to sponsor one (or all) of these mo?s! If you don’t have credit card facilities or don’t feel comfortable entering the details on the net one of these guys can provide remittance slips for cash.

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