Movember – The final stretches of the mo.

Further to earlier series (parts) of Movember (2006) here is the fourth week – the home stretch as it were.

Update #22 Join damn you!: Trying to get the “handlebars” to join to the mo proper. Its close and almost happening, only 9 days to go, not sure how it will work out.

Update #23 Join mo, join!: Something seems to be happening – it has almost joined, the left side has a distinctly red patch in it, most spooky.

Update #24 photo-22.jpg: Still growing. Only 7 days to go – lets hope merv the swerve can pull it off, else we’ll have to send in the Boonie!

Update #25 mo mo mo: How good was the cricket? – there was no update yesterday, not much is changing, cest la vie.

Update #26 Four days of mo growing to go: After some warmer weather, it is somewhat colder this evening, seems perfect weather for spiders to grow – killed three very large redbacks today one w/ an egg sack. Not sure that its mo growing weather, but looks like its defiantly time for some serious contact spray.

Update #27 3 days to go: Three days remaining and the mo is almost complete. The handlebars look a lot better in real life (well as much as they can) compared to the piccie. I am actully looking forward to being clean shaven again!

Update #28 Its the final update!: Well I missed a few updated, but there is the last one in character for tonight. Looking forward to being clean shaven again!

(Note: 15 March 2014 – removing links to now defunct albums page) Including some special edition shots 😀

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