Blu-Ray : Why is it going no where

Blu-Ray why is it not gaining consumer traction, quite franky I believe the answer is really quite simple and the studios are somewhat retard for not waking up and making this format the DVD killer that it could be – PRICE. Currently those studios that are bringing their back catalogue to market are tying to sell them from between $35 to $45AUD retail. This is in a word – insane. The same movies on DVD can be picked up from between $10 and $25.

For myself (and I assume other movie customers) do not consider BluRay sufficient increase in quailty to pay $10-25 more for the exact same content. I could understand perhaps a $5AUD premium on the quality. My message to studio’s is simple – you want to move Blu-Rays – release them at prices comparable to DVD’s – you’ve already made the film the tranfer to the disc’s cannot cost as much as you’re trying to gouge us for!

My current DVD collection is quite extensive (and being added to all the time) at about 350 titles – my Blu-Ray has a big fat zero (0) nothing, nada, zip as its tally thus far and until prices change, I doubt that number will either!

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