Wirra Wirra – “Sparrows Lodge” Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

This Cab Sauv from Wirra Wirra is a fantastic drop. I think it deserves a phwoar 😉 Seems the 2006 goes for $30/btl I’d suspect that I got mine on sale somewhere for around the $20 mark but I still think it would be worth $30AUD as price of admission. The nose is fantastic and very layered, on the mouth I liked it better after about an hour worth of breathing time – some of that “oakiness” left it giving much better integration of fruit and oak and voilets opened up within the nose.

Perhaps I need to re-evaluate my source of this drop as it is only available from the cellar door, perhaps I paid the $30 price of admission as the “Sparrows Lodge” blue labeled wines are only available from the Wirra Wirra cellar door. A fantastic drop was most sad to discover the bottom of the bottle all too quickly.

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