Wirra Wirra – ‘Sparrows Lodge’ Pinot Gris – 2007

This review is painful to write – I am sure I will be forgiven any offence caused in it’s posting, for in the wine world there is a chance that this is a one off event a bad bottle, some fluke cause by the handling, or it could be representative… so with apologies I pen the following:

B-o-r-i-n-g. This wine was utterly boring – it did not taste bad, it did not taste great, in fact it barely tasted at all. The notes on the nose were of faint, and I mean very faint white table grapes hiding a sliver of under-ripe pear (I like my pears crunchy so for me – under ripe means very very under ripe).

On the palate there was not much, barely any of the grape that was on the nose, although the acid was refreshing. It’s about all that can be said – practically tasteless – a white for wine haters everywhere. The one redeeming feature was that it was definitely a food enhancer. The Salmon that we had tonight went fantastic, no was actually enhanced by this wine, perhaps it was the searching of flavours that I was performing that made the Salmon, Capsicum, Celery, Carrot, Lime+Pepper spiced cous-cous that made up dinner taste so much better, but there was some enhancement.

I would recommend checking this out only for the weird taste?enhancement?and the?sure fire?ability to go with any food (barring dessert), but as a drinker this one needs some more experimentation!

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