Trial Stout #1 – July 2014

This trial stout is to make a rich stout, with less than usual bitterness to see if it suits the wifes palate – still desiring heaps of chocolate/coffee/toffee up front but without the bitter finish (that I love).

1.7kg tin – Coopers (Thomas Coopers Irish Stout)
1.5kg – Dark Liquid Malt Extract
200gm – Simpsons Chocolate Malt – cold steeped 24H

OG: 1.056


Pitched yeast at 22C on 6 July 2014

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  1. malliemcg Says:

    Bottled 2 Aug @ 1.020, a wee bit high, but was static for a long time. Carbed with a single drop.

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