Fruit Salad Ale Homebrew Oct 2014

Today I put down a “Fruit Salad Ale” derived from a recipie on the Coopers home brew site.

I did things a little differently.

The ingredients were:

  • 1x 1.7kg Coopers Australian Pale Ale Can
  • 1x 1.5kg Morgans Extra Pale Malt Extract Can
  • 150gm Simpsons Medium Crystal Malt
  • 20gm Amarillo Hops
  • 20gm Citra Hops
  • 20gm Cascade Hops
  • Danstar BRY-97 American West Coast Yeast

I steeped the hops and grain in 2L of hot water for 20 minutes.


Filled the fermenter to 23 L and put in the fermenting fridge set to 20C.

Original Gravity: 1.049

Final Gravity: 1.008

ABV: 5.38%

Two days before bottling I plan to dry hop with 5g Amarillo, 10g Citra and 5g Cascade hops.

Update [22/Oct] – Dry hopped 22/Oct?in the afternoon (bottling 27/Oct in the afternoon) with 6g Amarillo, 12g Citra and 6g Cascade hops.

At the end of this I’m expecting and hoping for a fairly hoppy, very fruity ale to be consumed come December.

2 Responses to “Fruit Salad Ale Homebrew Oct 2014”

  1. malliemcg Says:

    My first review (As requested – posted Anon’):

    Nice golden light apricot, slightly cloudy, unpasteurised honey colours. Cloudiness presumed as part of style sought?! Scored accordingly .
    Wicked tropical fruit aromas. Freshly cut pineapple and passionfruit on the nose. Palate starts sweet and then bitterness of the hops kicks in to give the palate length rather than a crisp finish. Great if looking for length. Hop builds up on the palate in a rustic kind of way. The fruitiness of the hops changes mid palate to a long bitterness. Finishes slightly roasty. This is complex. It seems to me a little caught between two attractive but slightly contradictory and yet complementary personalities. A little long and bitter on the finish clashing with the nose upfront fruit. A little fruity on the nose and palate for a the bitter genre. There seems to be a struggle going on. Big points for freshness. Nice and clean. Not cloying on the palate. Fresh. Starts out very hoppy, threatening to stifle any hope of sessionability, yet becomes progressively more sessionable. The bitter good seems to hit a threshold and stops not building helping this cause. Carbonation level outstanding being neither fizzy not flat. Decanted off yeast lees sediment into cold tin glass. Clearly a quality artisan home brew.

    (3) Colour: 3/3
    (7)Nose: 6/7
    (10)Palate: 8/10

    17/20 = 50.5 = V hight Bronze (half point off silver!) = 90points.

    Room for improvement: finessing balance.

    General : each individual element all thoroughly enjoyable but needs to decide who it is refer above).

    Session-ability: gets more sessionable with every mouthful, defying early odds. Longneck perfect volume.

    Would I buy it: Yes! Knowing the artisan makes one more attentive but the quality of what is going on is impressive and attractive. An enjoyable drinking experience.

  2. malliemcg Says:

    Laid this one down again today.

    93gm total hops – 30gm Citra, the remainder Cascade, Amarillo, Galaxy w/ 3gm Brambling Cross. (These are old hops and I’ve boosted volumes).

    Dry hop additions: 65gm total.
    25g Galaxy
    30-31g Citra
    9-10g Brambling Cross

    OG: 1.049
    FG: 1.005
    Alcohol % – 5.78

    Bottled 19/12/2018

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