Home Brew Oct 14 – Hop Slam (UK)

This brew is shooting to be a UK style IPA with an overt hoppy character.

Ferment Ingredients:

  • 1.7kg tin Thomas Cooper IPA
  • 1.5kg time Morgans Extra Pale Malt
  • 200gm Simpsons Medium Crystal Malt
  • 45gm Bramling Cross Hop pellets
  • 11gm Nottingham Ale Yeast

Dry Hop:

  • 25gm Bramling Cross Hop pellets


Slow boil the Bramling cross Hop pellets in 1.7L water. Add 300mL additional water to drop temp, add the crytal malt. Leave for 20 minutes to steep.

Mix the malt and kit in fermenter, strain hop+grain mixture into the fermenter (so the liquid goes in, but the solid do not).

Fill to 20L. When wort hits 22C sprinkle the coopers yeast sachet and the Nottingham ale yeast on top. Place into the fermenting fridge at 21C.

On 5/Nov put 25gm Hop pellets into the fermenter in hop sock, leave until bottling on 8/Nov. (Prime @ 8gm/L).


OG: 1.053

FG: 1.010

ABV 5.64%

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